3 Ways to Invite Peace Into Your Life This Holiday Season

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3 Ways to Invite Peace Into Your Life This Holiday Season

By Frances C Rodriguez, contributing writer

Uh-oh, it’s almost holiday time again! For some, just the thought makes them shudder like a January snowstorm. It’s the stress and expectation and worry if everything isn’t just so.

This year, I invite you to bring Peace into your holiday season! And I have three ideas on how to accomplish this. dating and relationship advice

Idea one is to simply announce, before the season gets into full swing, that you would like to have everyone consider bringing peace into the holiday! Peace can be so many things… it can be old traditions and new ones… it can be asking people to say nice things to each other… it can be giving a bit more than the year before.

Idea two is about remembering good things in the holidays – not just today but from yesterday and desiring to take good things with you into tomorrow and beyond! People just try to get through the holidays… dreading them, wishing they’d hurry up and be done. But then, in a year or ten or more, what can you look back upon? What memories can you share with the loved ones of tomorrow?

Idea three is about bringing old traditions forward and merging them with new ones. I personally love thinking about our old family traditions. When I do, I get the opportunity to reunite with my lost family members like my mother, father, and grandparents. It also gives me a chance to share memories with my nieces and nephews.

One of the things we had always loved to do growing up was cook together. Mama had loved cooking, especially at holiday time. She had cooked for the family as well as the church. And when I have the chance to cook with my niece, it’s a beautiful reminder of the past as well as a new memory for the future.

Another memory I had of the past was sitting at the Thanksgiving table. One year we had just started going around the table and have everyone say something they were grateful for. It had been new that year and an old tradition ever since!

Some of our old traditions had faded or changed. When Mama had been alive, she’d put together baskets to hand out to the less fortunate in the church. It had been a wonderful feeling; giving to others. Though, when Mama had gotten sick, the tradition had fallen away. We compensated by giving monetary donations to the church instead.

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Probably the greatest memories of past and present are the times when our family members join together – sharing food, song, laughter and memories. There truly is no greater peace for the holidays than giving, sharing, and family.

Frances is an author, vocalist, and speaker. She focuses on Latino traditions, music, and faith. She is inspired by her mother, Flora, and her family of seven brothers and sisters. She has inspired people through sharing her mother’s legacy and encourages others to share their family’s legacies. Visit her website to sign up for inspirational messages, monthly newsletter, and updates at http://www.floraslegacy.net.

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