I Almost Cheated On My Husband, Why Is This Story So Common?

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I Almost Cheated On My Husband, Why Is This Story So Common?

By Tim L, contributing writer

I was reading this story from a 28-year-old Reddit user about how she almost cheated on her husband and it got me thinking that this situation is more common than we might think. Her story is simple. She is married for almost 4 year, dating for 6 years, has a children and she has a perfect life. But one night she went out with her girlfriends for a couple of drinks and there she met this guy that she found it attractive. One thing led to another and she almost went home with him.

I Almost Cheated On My Husband
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“So last night I go out with my friends to a local bar, nothing too special. We’re drinking, catching up, having a good time when a group of younger handsome guys approach us and start up a conversation. It was fun, a bit flirty, but definitely lighthearted and harmless. Anyway it was getting late, around 11 pm so I decided to head out and get a cab home (most of my friends were single so they decided to stay a bit longer). One of the guys accompanied me out and we talked a bit outside, and he suggested I go home with him. I don’t know what came over me, but at that moment the only thing I could think about was how attractive he was. It’s like I completely disregarded my husband and daughter when I was around him. I wasn’t super drunk, I definitely knew what was going on. I started following him to his car and was actually close to getting in but then reality hit me again and I felt so terrible for what I did. He insisted I go with him but I quickly excused myself and then called a cab.”

The thing about cheating is that it can occur to every person who absolutely loves his or her partner.


Because sometimes our mind tricks us into thinking that the other person is better than what we have at home, even though this is not true. And sometimes we are not the ones that come up with the idea, but the other person. Sometimes cheating occurs when a person believes in limitless friendship and learns the hard way that things are not as easy as she or he thinks.

But cheating is not easy on anyone. Neither on the cheater nor on the cheated person. Most of the times, cheaters act foolishly and end up being filled with guilt. Some may say it is too late, but not always.

But there are also moments when people almost cheat. What does that mean? It means that one person can make a step towards cheating and then re-thinking his or her decision. A step towards cheating does not mean a kiss, because that is already cheating.

A step towards cheating can mean accepting a guy’s invitation of going to his place or saying yes to a female when she proposes for sex. Regardless of the fact that you had a change of heart and you suddenly realized that you actually have a lovely family at home, almost cheating is dangerous.

Almost cheating can easily turn into actual cheating and ruin your relationship. And as you can see from the article, almost cheating can ruin it as well. Taking a step towards cheating is harsh for anyone who is in love with their partner, because they do not see what pushed them to almost commit cheating. Everything is good back at home, so why would you cheat? Only the thought of cheating used to make you shiver and question the loyalty of the people who did this.

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As previously stated, our mind tricks us sometimes, making us think that the other person is better than our actual love partner. The most important thing you can do is to immediately back off, just as soon as you realized what you were about to do and make sure you will never be tempted to do it again.

What can we learn from the story?

There are 3 most important things to learn from this story:

  • Almost cheating is a very dangerous thing – so when you go out with some friends and you enjoy your time together, never ever be alone with a stranger, especially if you have alcohol in your system.
  • Take full responsibility – if you can’t live with the thought of what you did, come clean to your partner. If you do not consider it such a big deal, don’t. It is your life, your choices. Just analyze how this will affect your partner and your family.
  • Never do it again – after you realized you almost cheated, stay away from any other attempts, because one of them will turn into an act.

Cheating will ruin your family, so if you love yourself and your family, you will never cheat on your loved one.

Article source: http://www.love-repair.com


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