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12 Myths about Sex

by     Wishing You Love, Happiness & Great Sex! Tristen Davis, Co-Author & Creator P.S. Tweet it! Like it! Pin it! & Download our eCourse – it’s free! by

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A Wedding or a Marriage?

by A Wedding or a Marriage?   By Swagata Ghatak, contributing writer This is a topic romanticized so much in literature and movies, that every little girl is almost forced to have rosy ideas about that day when she will tie the knot. Starting from the dress, the ornaments, the decoration and of course the […]

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Feeling Invisible? How to Get Him to Notice You…with Desire!

by Feeling Invisible? How to Get Him to Notice You…with Desire!   Are you feeling like you are the victim of unrequited love? Does it feel like you have tried everything to get him to notice you two are sharing the same planet? Or maybe you’ve been married for a little while and feel like […]

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How to please your man

by   When it comes to the world of dating, taking the perspective of the other party in the relationship is very important. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just understand how attraction works for men, how it really works? Although every man is different, and will be attracted to and by different things […]

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How to make a man Fall in love with You!

by How To Make A Man Fall In Love with You! Do you feel like you’ve met the perfect guy and are just waiting for him to drop those three little words? Have you been dating someone for what feels like forever and you still don’t know where you stand? Are you trying to take […]

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Why do Men Pull Away? – SHOCKING Reasons Why!

by Why do Men Pull Away? – SHOCKING Reasons Why!   Almost every woman who has dated someone in the past half-century has experienced the blowoff—also known as the fadeout or the cool pulling-away—at some point. Why do men pull away? One minute they are on the best date of their lives, the next she’s […]

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